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Author: Pilar García, Manuel Felguérez, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Angel Miquel, Daniel Montero
Pages: 200
Language: ESP
Publication year: 2020

Felguérez was a painter and sculptor inclined toward continuous change, which included the ambition to produce public mural work from waste materials, participation in Jodorowsky's avant-garde stage productions, pioneering experimentation with the computer as a creative tool, and affiliation with the idea of ​​research as a platform for artistic creation.

This publication celebrates Felguérez's contribution on a variety of levels. It includes a substantial testimony of the artist's memory in a conversation with the critic Cuauhtémoc Medina, as well as the detailed record of his latest exhibition: Trayectorias (2019-2020) in the voice of its curator, Pilar García. Ángel Miquel, Daniel Montero and Manuel Felguérez himself contribute essays on the relationships between science fiction, cinema and aesthetic rupture, while the work contains portraits at various moments in the artist's life by Rogelio Cuéllar, Javier Hinojosa and Francisco Kochen. The volume is completed with an unpublished selection of the drawings that Felguérez produced in meetings and bureaucratic sessions.

All material that, in its multiple dimension, expresses the “party spirit” that defined Manuel Felguérez's adventure in the culture of Mexico.