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RM publishes a dictionary of voices that tell us about characters, places and times in Paris that fascinated Cortázar and that the brilliant writer recreated in his work.

In 2013, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Rayuela, Julio Cortázar's masterpiece, the Cervantes Institute of Paris presented the exhibition Rayuela: Cortázar's Paris, and published a catalog that not only included essays and photographs from the exhibition, but also the Notes for a Cortázar-Paris-Rayuela dictionary, prepared by the writer and art critic Juan Manuel Bonet, director of the Parisian institute at that time.
RM takes up the aforementioned work with the particular interest of expanding and illustrating the Notes, which he now publishes precisely as a dictionary of the Paris that fascinated Cortázar and he recreated in his work.

Bonet, with his well-known ability to contextualize avant-garde personalities, has created a repertoire of more than four hundred voices that tell us about characters, places and times, as well as art, music and literature, in relation to Julio Cortázar and Paris, the city of adoption of the writer.