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Author: Tomás Casademunt
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 96
Measurements: 31 × 37 cm
Language: Bilingual (ENG-ESP)
ISBN: 978-84-92480-68-5
Publication year: 2009

Among ancient sounds and stones that emanate from another time, Tomás Casademunt takes his camera on a journey along the Puuc route, the route through the “set of hills” in the Yucatan Peninsula.
As a “chance cosmonaut on a remote planet” he deciphers who those Mayans who built the most accurate calendar really were, who those modern visionaries were. In the light of the moon in front of the Mayan palaces, before the same constellations that governed the destinies of Ancient Mexico; in which the metaphysical was part of the cosmos, the visible and the invisible, the meaning of the things that make up the world “Maya Puuc” reveals twenty-eight disturbing black and white images, taken on an 18 by 24 centimeter plate.

Interspersed between these photographs is the intimate travel diary, written to the sound of the phases of the moon, illustrating a journey as personal as it is revealing.
The 60-minute photographic exhibitions show us the ruins as the inhabitants of those Yucatan hills must have seen them fifteen hundred years before.