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180º SHOP in the Mexico City Guide, by Louis Vuitton

180º SHOP is presented as "one of the coolest stores in the city", in the Mexico City Guide, new in this series of publications that indicate trends, unique prescriptions, updated, enriched, updated, that address both flâneur travelers and nomadic business people and even the inhabitants of the cities explored, in this new collection of guides by Louis Vuitton.

Let's get to know the project...

New cities, new sections, new format, the Louis Vuitton City Guide is completely transformed and renews its formula. Nothing has been left to chance in order to make this an exceptional event and so that these unique guides have a leg up on the others. In such a way that in November 2013 everything changes so that nothing changes.


Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has shared its traveling and urban spirit through City Guide , guides that reveal the soul of cities and propose a selection of hotspots that you should not miss if you find yourself in one of these cities.

This year, the collection proposes a new beginning and stops on all continents through fifteen cities in the world: Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, Beijing, São Paulo , Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Venice and for the first time Mexico City.

As part of its 15th. edition, the collection aims to reinvent itself, with new headings, new perspectives, new writers, a new model, more vivid and clear at the same time, with the aim of allowing the reader to feel at home and travel, finding the same references from one city to another. .

The reader will find an avant-garde configuration, classicism and references that have constituted the success of the guides.

The Louis Vuitton City Guides express the character of each city. With all subjectivity, they grant themselves the privilege of not indicating the expected direction and revealing another beyond the paths already traveled, always giving a personal vision that ranges from the most beautiful hotels to the best chocolate shops, from neighborhood inns to distinguished luxury mansions, from places to have fun to secret museums.

Both the cosmopolitan traveler and the city contemplator will find in the pages of the City Guide what has made up its success since its creation and even something more: a more personal selection, supported by the perspective of authors who encourage the reader to have a closer intimate with the city and also, a compilation of unpublished photographs about each city.


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