180º Collection: Iconic Mexico

180º Collection: Iconic Mexico

Iconography, according to Panofsky, involves the identification of images, stories and allegories. It is a step in Art History to reach the ultimate interpretation of an image and its intrinsic symbolic content. We usually associate these studies with the most academic disciplines and the most refined artistic expressions, however, on a daily basis we are surrounded by images that carry stories and meanings waiting to be observed and recognized by an attentive eye.

According to Dania Hermida, graphic designer behind this collection, the premise for starting México Icónico was the reinterpretation of everyday Mexican objects, those that are a cultural reference and that are part of our collective ideal regarding Mexican folklore. . On this occasion, the icons on which we focus have an origin, for many, frugal and very customary. However, its visual and symbolic potential was rescued by Dania's work.

«Yes , in fact it is an orange juicer that you can find in all the markets or juice stands in our country, but this juicer is an incredible utilitarian design object, worthy of being put on a t-shirt and literally make us “put on the shirt”».

"Speaking in terms of design, thinking about the cultural legacy, the idea was to evoke the origin and capture it graphically from those first strokes that begin to generate."

You can purchase the México Icónico t-shirts in our store, in white, black and gray colors.

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