Collection 3: Towards a road trip with style

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Collection 3: Towards a road trip with style

Hannah Flor, Artistic Director of 180º SHOP, tells us the details of the fall collection, which is close to launch.

Collection inspiration

I realized I'd been missing road trips lately: being in the car all day with your friends, listening to music, discovering things, maybe getting lost along the way, finding places in the middle of nowhere. Then when you get out of the car your clothes are completely wrinkled and you don't want to go anywhere because you are disheveled and dirty. I was thinking about how one could dress in that situation. Above all, I had in mind the desert of the American Southwest. The colors of the desert and the light that goes down in a special way and gives a somewhat romantic, almost mystical feeling. It inspired me to imagine that atmosphere and situation of a trip to think about what it could be worn walking through the desert, making campfires and such. That's where this season's designs come from. Something super comfortable but at the same time chic , after spending eight hours in the car. Get up with the sun at six in the morning and drink cold coffee and write in your journal. I had a lot of images from the seventies because I think that in those years there was a very casual vibe, but very very chic . They found the middle ground between the two and that inspired me a lot.

Something that also inspired me is to think that in this era of fast fashion everything is a little the same. It's not about leaving trends completely aside, because it's what's relevant at the moment, but I didn't want to do something that you can find anywhere else. Then I started thinking about the deepest part of the trend to try to reinterpret it in a more original way. We have some pieces with wide sleeves as is the trend, but slightly different. We don't just copy the trend, which wouldn't be interesting at all.

Still inspired by trips to the desert, the collection corresponds to autumn

Actually, here in Mexico autumn is almost hotter than summer. So it's strange to say autumn. In many places fall means scarves and jackets, but here it has nothing to do with it. It's a little more flexible. The fashion world has also been changing in terms of seasons. Now collections may not be so tied to the correct season. Many of 180º's customers are Mexican and could actually wear the pieces all year round. The collection can also be purchased by foreigners to be worn in the fall elsewhere.

The fabrics and colors

Normally in 180º we use many neutral colors. This time I tried to add a little more color. I looked for ways to give the feel of something neutral without being the basic grey, camel or black. So we have two pretty cute rayon prints, each one is only two colors: cherry with bone and navy with beige. They are both interesting, they are not neutral, but it feels neutral anyway. They could be worn with almost any piece. We also have some slightly different colors: a t-shirt with long sleeves, very much in the style of 70s bodysuits with skates, and we are making it in black, but also in a very light pink tone, almost with a touch of gray. It's not neutral at all, but it looks super cute with everything, it could even be used with red or green, it can work as a super chic neutral . In our plain stripes we have bone and black and also a royal blue that inspired me a lot, it is a color that is found in many places, for example on the doors of the white houses in Mykonos, Greece, and it combines with many colors. It is a very classic blue.

The pieces

We have a little of everything. Of the prints we have a dress, a skirt, wide pants, shorts, all from 180º Outwear. Shorts can also be worn with tights and, because they are loose, they look like miniskirts. We have a blouse of the same fabric and some t-shirts. In the plain rayons, which are from the 180º GRADOS collection, we have four dresses and three blouses.

Don't lose sight of our social networks, where we will announce the launch of this collection.

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