Behind the yellow door with Ana Lorenzana

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Behind the yellow door with Ana Lorenzana

We know that you are Colombian and have been in Mexico City for many years; Tell us a little more: How and why did you decide to come to Mexico?

-I had been in Paris for 8 years and felt that I needed a change; A friend told me that she loved the “DF” that we came here and that's how it was. I thought it was going to be temporary, but I've been here for 9 years and I've already made my life here.

Have you liked living in Mexico all this time? How have you seen the country evolve?

-It is a country that has treated me very well from the beginning; I found great friends, I was able to pursue my career and make a living doing what I like to do; every time
I find more reasons to stay.

For a few years now, food has become my photography subject, so I see the city evolving into a center of international importance for gastronomic proposals. There are more and more places, things to try, people to learn from, people coming to investigate the richness of Mexican food.

Plus, it has impressive light, it's a very bright, colorful, fun city, everything I like!

So, in addition to living in Mexico, you have lived everywhere, what is your favorite city in the world?

-I love visiting my family in Bogotá, Colombia, which is where I grew up! I enjoy it more and more; Bogotá has changed a lot, the scene is getting better and better, great restaurants, a lot of design, fashion, and there is nothing like Colombians, we are too cool, aren't we? Ha ha ha.

On the other hand, Paris was the city that formed me, I owe it a lot, every time I go I feel that it will never stop being my city, great memories, a lot of life!

But I don't have a favorite city; I adapt very quickly to everything; I have a bad memory, so I forget my habits quickly and I don't suffer much from changes.

"I discover and understand what I like, without caring if it is right or wrong in the eyes of gastronomy lovers and know-it-alls"

We love the photos you take! We want to be like you... Could you give us 3 tips to take photos a little cooler? Like yours!

-Lots of light, lots of light, more light. That's all.

Who are your 3 favorite photographers?

-I have always loved Juerguen Teller, always, but when I discovered Annie Leibovitz (around 15 years old) I wanted to be her and pursue rock groups, which I did for many years in Paris and I dedicated my ENSAD thesis (Arts Deco) to her. Paris) which were rock groups that I took around the world and finally how not to name Martin Parr, it would be absurd not to love him.

We always see you at all the coolest events in the city! How do you always have so much energy?

-What are you talking about? Hahaha I never, ever go out, I am a person with a mental age of 80 years old and what I like most is being locked up in my house. I spend my energy working. Grandma at heart ⚡️

We love your style, super modern, relaxed and at the same time very classic. How would you describe it and which designers are your favorites?

-Now I always wear @caballo_perrro but when not, I am a #1 fan of Grieve, 1/8 Takamura and all my jeans are from COS. My jewelry is from Paula Mendoza.

I stopped caring so much about clothes and how I look a while ago, so I spend my money on food.

We know that you and your boyfriend go out a lot at night. What have been the best bars, clubs and festivals you have gone to?

-We go out mainly to dinner, we love the Loup Bar and the Meroma bar which we call “Baroma” (I think the name will catch on one day hahaha)

What do you do on weekends? Do you sometimes go out of town?

-On the weekends we always have breakfast at the Rosetta Bakery which is on Puebla 242 and we walk around the city, we don't do much to be honest. We rested.

In addition to being a photographer (the coolest by the way) you are a super foodie, right? What restaurants do you like the most in CDMX?

-The truth is I don't think I'm a foodie. I learned to appreciate eating when I was very old, but I understand more and more and above all I discover and understand what I like, without caring if it is right or wrong in the eyes of gastronomy lovers and know-it-alls. My favorite restaurants are Meroma , Masala y Maíz , Rosetta , I love Jarocho tacos , Vilsito and I go to an inn in Roma Norte called La Prosperidad a lot, I go almost every day to eat there, most of them They work there cooking delicious, very homely, it makes me happy.


- Instagram: @analorenzana

- By Fernanda Fragoso and Guillaume Guevara


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