Behind the yellow door with Alan Dávila

Behind the yellow door with Alan Dávila


 We know you are from Monterrey, but you come to Mexico City often. What differences do you see in these two cities?

-When I come regularly I move around the Roma neighborhood and neighboring neighborhoods and what I like most about here is that you can walk a lot more and discover interesting places, in Monterrey there are few areas to walk and there are an excess of shopping plazas.

What are your favorite expressions from Monterrey ?

- “ With mother” could be one of the ones I use the most, I don't know if it's my favorite.

Your book, “Things happen for a reason, or not” is one of the most sought after books in Mexico, it has been a resounding success; Tell us how did you think about writing and publishing it?

-I have always had reflections on life and from time to time I published them, but one day I thought that much of what we write on social networks is lost in its great immensity, so I decided to stop doing it and write everything in a notebook that I carried with me wherever I went. Many interesting phrases came out derived from my own experiences or observation; The natural path was to make a book with them, I tried to contact several publishers to present the project to them, but they all left me unseen, so I decided that I was going to design and publish it myself, I made 100 copies to give to my close friends on my birthday and well... I'm already at more than 10,000 and now there are two volumes.

What has been the most beautiful and the most difficult thing about being the author of such a popular book?

-The nice thing is that people write to me or stop me in the street to tell me that the books have helped them in something, they are books that were not conceived with the idea of ​​helping, but when they do it it feels great to have contributed something to them. the lives of others. Difficult, nothing, maybe as an independent author I won't be able to reach more countries where my books are requested so easily, but I'm going to do it.

If you could choose 2 phrases from your books that best describe you, what would they be?

- “Life is spent in shit, you have to somehow make today worth it” from the first and “As fucking happy as possible” from the second.

Now that you have “round 2” of your book, what's next? What plans do you have?

-I never stop writing, there is a 3rd book coming this year. I'm writing chapters for something that may become a podcast, a YouTube show, or both. Also, I'm working on LCPPAON merch, the rest of 2020 is going to be good.

Do you like to read? What other books do you recommend?

- I read a lot and many things at the same time of a different nature. Lately I have been very interested in reading about philosophy, but at the same time I read novels or stories. I want to recommend one of the books I am currently reading, “The Happiness of the Earthquake Dogs” by Gabriel Rodríguez Liceaga ; Gabriel is from CDMX and much of what he writes has to do with describing the chaos, the complexity and beauty of this city. In addition to being my friend and one of my favorite writers, I think he has the great ability to be funny, ironic and critical in his writing, all at the same time.

As for fashion, you always dress almost the same, right? Tell us why or how this happened?

-I have been dressing mainly in black for about 8 years and of those 8 years, at least about 5 I have worn almost the same type of garment every day. I buy the same pants several times, as well as t-shirts with a bag, all from the same brand. When it's cold I vary a little between shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, but always black. The only point of color in my outfit are the tennis shoes, the ones I use the most are Stan Smith in different colors, but in the last year I have experimented with other brands and it works well.

When we go to Monterrey, what and where do you recommend we eat?

-I think one of the attractions of Monterrey is its culinary offering, there are tons of options and they are very good. A must when you stop by here would be “ Cara de vaca ”, it has a very good and varied menu that covers everything, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish and above all the atmosphere they created is very good to have a good time ordering from the center and adding some caguamitas carte blanche and mezcals. Although my casual-favorite is Taller Veganico , among many things they have one of the best vegan ramen in the city.

Roast beef taco or pastor taco?

-A few years ago, without hesitation, I would have answered that roast beef tacos, but I don't eat meat anymore, so neither of them, I'm going for the eggplant barbacoa taco.

"It feels great to have contributed something to the lives of others"



- By Fernanda Fragoso and Guillaume Guevara

- @lascosaspasanporalgoono

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