Behind the yellow door with Alejandro Champion

Behind the yellow door with Alejandro Champion

We know that you are one of the founders of the successful “Mezcal Unión”, tell us a little more about the brand.

- Mezcal UNIÓN was born in 2008, but it was not until 2011 that it was launched on the market. The intention of our project is to represent the values ​​of Mexico and share them with the World, through the generation of opportunities and, as a consequence, development for various indigenous families of Oaxaca.
We are a company whose mission is to empower producers so that they can start their own businesses. Currently, we collaborate with more than 50 families, who produce artisanal mezcal and grow agave, from 8 indigenous populations of Oaxaca. We firmly believe that the only way to preserve the ancient craft is through the UNION.

Mezcal Unión has had resounding success in Mexico and abroad. What do you attribute this success to?

- Mezcal is a distillate, recognized worldwide; We currently have distribution in 8 countries. However, it has not been easy at all. I believe that the success of the brand is due to the inspiration that infects our entire team, belonging to a movement with a cause. We have been traveling the world for many years, walking on sidewalks, with a backpack and a bottle of mezcal inside it, knocking on door after door, convinced of our mission. There have been many people who identify with our project, and thanks to their support, together we have built the results.

What makes “Mezcal Unión” different from the competition?
- I consider that all artisanal Mezcal whose business model is fair to the producers, is equally significant and special. However, what differentiates us are our recipes and expressions; as well as the mezcaleros masters and the business model with which they join our project.

The diversity of agaves, terroirs, and technique is in my opinion what attributes to the authentic flavor and identity of Mezcal UNIÓN.

We have seen you many times in New York working
How important has it been to grow the brand in the United States?

- New York was the first territory we explored outside of Mexico and is our strongest market abroad.
Thanks to NY, as well as the 15 States of North America and more than 100 cities where we currently have distribution, its people and the industry that comprises it, I can say that they have without a doubt been largely the support that sustains our project, as well as the category.
NY, was one of the first markets to value and appreciate Mezcal, it is a city that opened its doors to us, and whose exploration has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life.

In addition to Mezcal Unión, we know that you are very involved with other Grupo Archipiélago projects. Tell us a little about that and what your plans are.

- Archipiélago, is a holding company of projects that seek to promote culture and happiness through entertainment. A company whose backbone is based on collaboration. Within the group, I head the commercial area of ​​two projects, Mezcal Unión and Salón ACME , the 2 passions of my life, land and art.
Salón ACME was born from the merger of two groups: Archipiélago and Base Proyectos; is an art platform created by artists for artists, which seeks to give visibility, impulse and dissemination to creators who develop their work both in Mexico and abroad.

"We firmly believe that the only way to preserve the ancient craft is through the UNION"

A few weeks ago they presented the ACME Hall at Proyecto Público Prim, within the framework of art week. How did it go? Tell us!

- It was amazing for us! We feel very happy and proud of the results. 8 editions have passed since the project was created. It is very gratifying to see how art is a democratic, peaceful and inclusive means of expression, which fosters awareness of the world and context in which we live.
Changing the subject of work a little... What do you like to do when you are not working? (besides going to Cicatriz every day haha)

-Hahaha, I love Scar...
Well, as I mentioned, art is one of my passions, I enjoy visiting museums, galleries and not to mention artists' studios. Spending time with my wife and dogs, going out to eat and drink, walking and thinking.

Taking into account that you go to New York so often, could you give us some tips on restaurants or bars that you like?

- Sure, here are some recommendations:

Have breakfast - Egg.
Lunch - Marlow & Sons
Munchies - Pies 'n' Thighs
Dinner - Achilles Heel , Di an Di , Harts.
Drinks and chatting - Loosie Rouge , La Superior , Alameda.
Fiesta - La Milagrosa , Black Flamingo.
Pizza - Robertas , Ops.

Restaurants in Manhattan:

Having Breakfast - Russ & Daughters
Muchies - Katz's
Dinner - Emilio Ballatos, Cervos
Drinks - Amaya , Casa Mezcal

You have a very classic yet simple look with subtle modern touches. How do you like to dress? Do you think a lot about what to wear or do you just open the closet and grab the first thing on hand?
-The truth is I don't think much about this; but I have always liked Skateboarding and the culture around it.
I think that when it comes to fashion it is what turns me on the most.



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