Behind the yellow door with Naian Gonzalez Norvind

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Behind the yellow door with Naian Gonzalez Norvind

What brings you to Mexico, Naian ? Tell us what you are doing today?

- I came to film the sequel to “Sex, Pudor y Lágrimas,” a film that I doubt needs an introduction in our country. In parallel I am writing my new feature film and enjoying time with my family!

Do you like to return to Mexico from time to time? What do you miss most?

- I love it! It is very necessary for me to return at least once a year, stay for a few months, usually for a project. What I miss most is my family, my friends, the sense of community, the good humor and benevolence of Mexico.

After having lived so long outside of Mexico, what things abroad do you think Mexico lacks? Or what would you change?

- I am frustrated by the lack of punctuality in Mexico, I would like people to respect other people's time more. Time cannot be replaced with anything, it is the most precious thing we have.

You have had a very successful career in film and theater, but have you ever thought about what you would do or what you would have done if you had not worked in this medium?

- I always question what I do, I have many interests and very often I feel divided between all of them. I would like to help the environment, learn about self-sustainability and take concrete steps to recover and re-educate ourselves regarding our relationship with the earth. I am also interested in working in holistic medicine, I read a lot about traditional Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda, which is the traditional medicine of India. Both interests have to do with healing our relationship with the body and the physical world we inhabit through understanding that they are intrinsic to each other.

What hobbies do you have? What do you do when you're not working?

- Yoga (lately Kundalini), reading (lately poetry) and drinking wine with my friends (lately whenever possible) 

We love how you look! You are always super well dressed. How much are you interested in fashion? How would you describe your look today and how has it evolved with your travels?

- You flatter me! My sisters tell me I dress like “Gandalf” so I appreciate the compliment. I like to explore sketches of different characters with how I dress, I like to put on other people's clothes.

- I am very changeable in general, I don't think I have a defined style, but lately I like to be guided by the quality of the material. I don't like fast-fashion, I prefer to invest a little more money in something of quality, than to pay little for something that is going to fall apart in three months; without talking about the impact of certain brands on the environment...



Is there a Mexican designer, or several, that you like?

- Yes, there is so much talent! I like Carla Fernández, 1/8 Takamura, JuliayRenata, Trista, Cihuah, Alexia Ulibarri.

How do you travel so much and always look so good? Give us tips to travel like you!

- Again with the compliments! Ha ha ha. I try not to eat so much the day I travel, so as not to overload my digestion, drink plenty of water and take a yoga class... or at least stretch before traveling.

Despite traveling and working so much you are always (or appear) very happy. How did you get to this point in your life?

- I don't think I have reached any final destination regarding happiness. I believe that everything in life is phases and you learn to navigate them. I try to do a lot of internal work, I go to therapy, I surround myself with people who do me good, and my work teaches me both to be present and to be in touch with my emotions.

I think that learning to enjoy any emotion is key and not making happiness the ultimate value in life. Ah! and another thing that seems essential to me (although very difficult to do) is not to believe all your thoughts.

What are your favorite places in the Roma neighborhood?

- I think there are already many new ones that I haven't discovered yet, but: Rosetta Bakery , Meroma for cocktails, Sartoria , I want to try their Bottega that is opposite! and the classic Caravanserai for afternoon tea and a poem.


"I think that learning to enjoy any emotion is key and not making happiness the ultimate value in life. Oh! and another thing that seems essential to me (although very difficult to do) is not to believe all your thoughts"

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By Fernanda Fragoso and Guillaume Guevara


  • Karina Padró

    Me encanta su trabajo, me encanta Naian 🥰 y mas ahora que se que le preocupa tanto nuestra relación con el medio ambiente ¡Muy buena entrevista!

  • Juan Riverol

    Soy faaaan de Naian!!! Super entrevista…

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