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Author: Aracy Amaral, Juaquín Barriendos
Binding: rustic pasta
Pages: 296
Measures: 16.9 x 22.2cm
Language: ESP
Year of publication: 2017

Juan Acha is considered the main theorist of Latin American art of the 20th century. This book explores the avant-garde artistic behaviors that emerged in Lima towards the end of the sixties, and that were defined by this Peruvian-Mexican critic as a “revolutionary awakening.” After his arrival in Mexico in 1972, Acha spoke of the need to extend this revolution to all of Latin America, and invited the youngest to participate in what he called a “cultural guerrilla.”
The book also serves as a catalog of the first exhibition organized with materials from the Juan Acha Archive, and includes reactivations of non-objective art and artistic documentation.