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The publication of elegant and careful editions has been a constant facet in the work of Jan Hendrix (1949), a Dutch artist who has lived in Mexico for three decades. This book, with a series of engravings inspired by the landscape of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), adds with an unmistakable accent to his vast production. The framework of perspectives, characteristic of his frames on the universe of botany, acquires in Malpaís the metaphysical stripping of the environment it portrays, going from the panoramic view to the zoom on the emblematic detail that becomes abstract.
Interspersed between these fantastic sequences of photographs and engravings is an essay by the art critic and writer Juan Manuel Bonet, who places Hendrix's career in the tradition of the great artist-travelers. From another perspective, a fiction by Javier Barreiro Cavestany is incorporated, which narratively dialogues with the perspectives of the landscape from which it is inspired. Finally, an extensive conversation with the artist addresses the different facets of his work, framing it in the history of landscaping and the relationships between art and science.