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An art without tutelage: Salón Independiente in Mexico, 1968-1971 is a historical review of one of the most important initiatives that changed artistic practices in Mexico. The publication proposes a detailed reading of the terms and alternatives in which the confrontations of the late sixties moved, both for artists, officials and public, in a key moment that changed subsequent Mexican art. The catalog reflects the freedom of creation, self-management, the use of new languages ​​and non-traditional media such as cinema or fashion, the emphasis on the process of collective creation, artistic experimentation and its anti-official and anti-academic stance as the essence of the three editions of the Independent Fair and the alternate events developed by the group. This book is the product of the research that the General Directorate of Visual Arts has been carrying out for more than a decade to reconstruct the history of the Hall through its works and documents. An art without guardianship is a long-term document that accompanies the exhibition of the same name at the University Museum of Contemporary Art and has been edited in collaboration with the Institute of Aesthetic Research, the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center and the General Directorate of Publications and Editorial Development of the UNAM with the objective of analyzing in a monographic way key moments that proposed different ways of creating and consuming art in Mexico.
Edition: 1st edition
Format: Rustic
Number of pages: 399
Year: 2018