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Author: Christina of Middel
Binding: rustic pasta
Pages: 416
Measures: 17x24cm
Language: Bilingual (ENG-ESP)
ISBN: 978-84-16282-65-4
Year of publication: 2016

In 2014 Cristina de Middel became involved with the photographic archive of the sensational newspaper Alerta and began working with the idea of ​​exploring the different languages ​​of violence and what role photography played in this entire area. Thus, he translated 200 photographs into drawings to which he added, as if it were a comic strip, dialogue boxes in the characters with lyrics from ranchera songs, which in the name of love and passion vindicate actions and reactions that are not always tender.
The combination of these three elements resulted in a series that was given the form of a book and that offers an invitation to rethink the content that reaches us, and to identify the violence hidden behind assumed codes. This is a necessary reflection, especially in the society in which we live, to recognize the limits of what is acceptable and treat them in a detached way, in order to understand their true impact.