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Author: Roberto Pliego, Magdalena Zabala
Binding: Hardcover with fabric
Pages: 423
Measures: 16.5 x 24cm
Language: ESP
ISBN: 978-84-936123-2-0
Year of publication: 2008

The catalog “Diego Rivera. Illustrious Words” is the result of the exhibition of the same name at the Museo Estudio Diego Rivera, dedicated to offering a visual tour of Rivera's reflections on art.
It presents the conjunction of a selection of texts and quotes from Rivera and images made by Rivera himself or by artists who in one way or another had a place in his memory. Words that illustrate, illustrations that speak, these pages confront us with moments in the history of art in the vision of a great creator.
Diego Rivera, in addition to the exceptional gifts that characterized him as a painter, was the possessor of a solid humanistic training that supported his vast intellectual reflections. While he was on the scaffolding, executing a mural, in front of the canvases or leaning on a notebook, sketching a drawing, Rivera exercised himself in deep meditations on art and the complex intricacies of its evolution throughout history, and also He reflected on the duties of the creator, whether facing society or the future of the discipline itself.