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Author: Shunmyo Masuno
Editorial: Urano Editions

Zen is not a set of ideas that can be learned, but essentially an experience that needs to be lived. And that is the proposal of this little treasure: small changes in everyday life that will allow us to know the kind of serenity and joy that we thought were reserved for a select few. Through practical and radically simple proposals, revered Zen master Shunmyo Masuno, known throughout the world for his spiritual gardens, brings together centuries of wisdom in one hundred lessons, one per day, that illuminate the extraordinary in the everyday. At work and at home, in relationships with oneself and with others, habits as undemanding as leaving one's shoes properly aligned, joining hands when anger or restlessness attacks us, creating a small garden on the balcony or Tidying up your desk at the end of the day will cause great changes in your mind and heart. An elegant and minimalist manual, created by one of the great masters of our time, to illuminate the hustle and bustle of modern life with the magic of Zen .