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• Forty-eight lessons to free ourselves from stress, regain enthusiasm and learn to savor life moment by moment.
• An essential work for any dog ​​lover. Because who better than a dog to help us rediscover the joy of living?
• With inspiring full-color illustrations by Marianna Coppo.

If dogs are considered our best friends, it is not only because they are affectionate, faithful and sincere. Above all, they represent the friendliest and most social part of the human soul.

They are small meditations, illustrated with humor and sensitivity, that will make us think, laugh and recognize the wisdom of a generous teacher who never spares pampering, is curious by nature and knows how to enjoy every moment to the fullest. At home or in the park, on the street or in social situations, dogs teach us to get rid of the armor that prevents us from communicating with others, to regain contact with nature, to show affection; also to show your teeth when necessary. Above all, you will learn that play is the best medicine and that true happiness is always shared. Only then will your life be filled with joy. Dog word.
Publication: 09/03/2019
Binding: Paperback with flaps
Format: 120x160
Pages: 96