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• After the “hygge” phenomenon, the “lagom” philosophy arrives with force.
• The Swedish secret to the good life is moderation and balance.
• A work that presents us with a philosophy of life that proposes a profound change in mentality and values, very much in line with the moment of resource crisis that the planet is suffering.

Inspired by a concept of Swedish origin, “Lagom” (which means “in its right measure”) is the art of bringing harmony to all aspects of life in order to achieve, without pressure and without effort, a state optimal well-being. Starting from the idea that more does not necessarily mean better, the “lagom” lifestyle invites us to discover the advantages of simplicity: from a more natural diet to a home that exudes elegance and serenity, through a perfect balance between space personal and social bond.

Lola A. Åkerström, photographer and writer based in Sweden, signs this aesthetic guide illustrated with beautiful photographs of the author and sprinkled with advice to incorporate a philosophy that is already a trend in fashion, decoration or gastronomy: “Lagom”, the art of wearing a simpler, more sustainable and infinitely more satisfying life.