How We Live: an intimate look at architecture and design through the lens of Marcia Prentice

180° SHOP hosted American photographer Marcia Prentice for the signing of her book How We Live.
In an informal meeting between friends, 180 SHOP clients and admirers of Marcia's work, the book was unveiled, which proposes a journey into the homes and work spaces of designers and artists in different cities around the world, from Mumbai, passing through Beirut, Marakkech, Reykjavík, Milan, New York, Amsterdam, Mexico City and Guadalajara, among others.

Through an intimate photographic diary, Marcia Prentice presents the soul of a diverse selection of spaces, revealing the unique spirit of each creative environment. Each of the 18 homeowners who open their homes through Marcia's book, including Paul Lozano, creator of Señorito Corbatas , one of our featured brands, offer a glimpse into their private world and show us how design and The atmosphere created by the owners inside a house can make it the last canvas of their artistic work and creative process.

The book How We Live by Marcia Prentice is available exclusively at 180º SHOP, starting December 2.

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