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At 180º we believe in the need to feed our awareness about what is happening in the world of fashion, textiles and the production process of the products we offer in the store. For more than five years we have committed to introducing a 180º change, going from “fast fashion” to “slow fashion”, collaborating with several Mexican brands and designers. In this series of posts on the 180º Blog we are going to talk about the production process, work with textiles and the elements that promote creativity in Mexico according to the entrepreneurs and designers of the new generation of...

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Tie-Dye is the name given in the sixties to a series of dyeing techniques and processes. These consist of folding, knotting or twisting a garment in different ways before dyeing it to generate lines and patterns. The hippie movement was responsible for making them famous as an icon of their clothing, which took inspiration from African dyeing and psychedelic culture. However, dyeing techniques emerged long before the 1960s. One of the oldest forms of tie-dye is Bandhani, originally from India. In Japan, garment dyeing can be traced back to the Asuka and Nara periods (552 to 794). Shibori, a special...

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Cities are not only buildings, they are alive thanks to the people who live in them. This simple premise becomes complex when the historical or artistic value of its buildings is high, and dangerous when its urban infrastructure does not exist in new developments. Neighborhoods threatened with dying into oblivion are suddenly threatened with dying of success. In Mexico City there are traditional neighborhoods that testify to their evolution over the centuries, with outstanding architectural heritage value and a social dynamic that is transformed to adapt to the requirements of the constant development of the metropolis. One of its most...

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