Meeting point: ⅛ Takamura

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Meeting point: ⅛ Takamura

At 180º SHOP we welcome ⅛ Takamura. This Mexican brand now has important international recognition and we want to tell you a little about its work.

⅛ Takamura is a fresh fashion proposal. With a subtle composition, its models combine a functional aesthetic with a conceptual charge that adapts to the body and manages to adorn it from the inside.

Its creator, Guillermo Vargas, studied fashion design and was part of the first generation of the IES MODA Casa de Francia. He has worked with Isabel Marant and Eugenio Alzas, among others. Additionally, he was mentored by Macario Jiménez for six months in recognition of being the winner of the Möet and Fashion Contest in 2002 and also won the contest organized by Anna Fusoni, Fashion Forward, in 2005.

The pieces of a ⅛ Takamura are characterized by their geometric patterns with volume, similar to those of Japanese clothing. In fact, Guillermo Vargas's great-grandfather was a Japanese immigrant who came to Mexico, which serves as inspiration for the brand and its relationship with this eastern country.

At the moment ⅛ Takamura does not have collections, but instead inserts each new piece as a continuous and timeless story. Find their new models and start creating your own style at 180º SHOP.

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