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180º, Entrevista, Joyería -

Sophie Simone Cortina is the creator of the brand that bears her name: Sophie Simone Designs . With this brand he expresses his taste for nature and his love for Mexico. In an interview for 180º he tells us how his ideas come about and more details about his work. 180º: How did the brand start? Sophie: The brand started many years ago, when my grandmother gave me old brooches that were hers and I took them apart to make necklaces. I started making unique pieces with objects I found on trips and later I started designing. This is how...

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180º, Joyería, Tangram -

Tangram is an ancient Chinese game with which you can build an infinite number of figures using only seven pieces. The Mexican jewelry brand Tangram took its name from this game, and this is also where the taste for proportion and geometry present in each of its designs arose. Manuel Ledesma, partner and co-founder of Tangram, tells us what they seek to express as a local jewelry brand, committed to Mexican design. 180º: Who makes up Tangram and what do they do? Manuel: The partners and co-founders of TANGRAM, all Industrial Designers, are Paty Ledesma, who is specialized in new...

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