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Monica Marquez is a 100% Mexican brand, which manufactures footwear with artisanal processes. Each pair is a totally timeless classic, perfect for everyday life, made of leather and leather sole with a stamp and fine hardware. BRAND HISTORY | FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY 180º: When did you make the decision to work with shoes? Monica Marquez: I started working with the shoe in May 2015 with the idea of ​​making a product inspired by fine men's shoes and transferring the same processes, materials, quality and comfort for women. 180º: What was the process like to resume the family business? MM: This process...

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We interviewed Guillermo Vargas, founder and creative director of ⅛ Takamura, a mix of avant-garde and artisanal processes, which is emerging as one of the most distinctive creative lines in Mexican fashion. He told us about his beginnings in the industry, experimentation with clothing from around the world and how he is inspired by the disobedient spirit of Japanese/Parisian designers. That and more below: 180º: How did ⅛ Takamura come about? Guillermo Vargas: I have had a degree in Fashion Design since I was very young, I did a technical degree, I worked a little, I did my degree and...

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We interviewed international architectural photographer Marcia Prentice, author of "How we live", after a book signing at 180 ° SHOP, a few months ago. After her travel touring more than 20 cities around the world in 3 months and photographing the homes of creatives in each city, Marcia shares with our readers her experience about this perfect marriage between design and architecture, one of a kind intimate photoshooting with her cam as a window to look in through. 180. - Tell us what inspired this book. MP.- The book started as an idea 3 years ago. I had just returned...

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