33 Thirty-Three

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33 Thirty-Three

33 is a brand formed by three friends, Pablo Saldivar, Gerardo Serrador and Diego Ortiz, who realized the lack of proposals in the men's fashion market and decided to start their own brand. Their initial garment, the undoubted hallmark of the brand, are their colorful socks, with fun and cool designs that go beyond the scheme of solid colors and diamonds that the male public has always had to settle for. We spoke with Pablo Saldívar about his training, his designs and his plans for the future.

180º: How did the project start and what is the brand concept?

Pablo: The project began when three friends got together with the dream of making our own clothing brand, a Mexican clothing brand with international quality and with which you can dress every day. The project started with colored socks and little by little we have been increasing our range of products. Now we also have ties, shirts and watches.

180º: Where does your interest in the garments you carry come from?

Q: We have always had the concern of wanting to create a men's clothing brand, but one that would not be based on catwalks or fads. Nothing over the top, just cool clothes that we wear every day; This is how 33 is born.

180º: How do you enter the men's fashion market?

Q: We do not follow the rules that fashion dictates, that is where we escape from this world, we simply make clothes for everyday men, with the best possible quality and without it being a very expensive product.

180º: How do your designs come about?

Q: We stick to everyday basics, well made and with our own modern and cool touch.

180º: What are your future plans?

Q: To be a Mexican brand of international quality, to be recognized throughout the world and to dress casual men from head to toe with our products.

180º: How has your relationship with 180º been?

Q: 180º SHOP was one of the first stores that opened its doors to us. From the beginning they supported us and are one of our best selling points. Even in our beginnings, being a new brand, they have always helped us a lot so that our brand grows and continues to do so.

Lastly, here are 5 things that Paul relates to 33:

  • youth
  • happiness
  • freshness
  • friendship
  • entrepreneurship

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