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7 Sins of Scarlett Baily and 180 DEGREES

Scarlett is a visual artist and illustrator from New York who currently lives in Mexico, whose casual style of fine and dynamic strokes transmits the energy and joy of life that she exudes. His art has earned important spaces in the fashion industry in which he has participated by collaborating in important campaigns with companies such as DKNY or Bimba y Lola.

Scarlett participates enthusiastically in cultural projects with social impact, she has fun working and likes to share talent and experience, in workshops or urban art interventions, such as those she does at the Museum of Antique Toys and now with 180º SHOP, one of her favorite places in Mexico City.

She is a passionate admirer of Mexican urban aesthetics and popular culture, of which she takes up iconic elements that she boldly reinterprets, rescuing their aesthetic value without modifying the deep meaning they have in the visual memory of Mexicans.

In this collaboration with 180 GRADOS, Scarlett presents us with a proposal based on the concepts of good and evil, virtues and sins, through the elements that traditionally represent them, which transcend their primordial religious value, to become elements distinctive of contemporary Mexican iconography and that with the “Baily touch” integrate a fresh and playful collection of drawings captured in textiles of the best quality, 180 GRADOS quality.

The collection is limited and will be available starting October 23 exclusively at 180º SHOP.

We are waiting for you at Colima 180, Roma Norte neighborhood, the creative, trendy and artistic heart of Mexico City.

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