Interview with Monica Marquez: Where there is a dream, there is a way

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Interview with Monica Marquez: Where there is a dream, there is a way

Monica Marquez is a 100% Mexican brand, which manufactures footwear with artisanal processes. Each pair is a totally timeless classic, perfect for everyday life, made of leather and leather sole with a stamp and fine hardware.


180º: When did you make the decision to work with shoes?

Monica Marquez: I started working with the shoe in May 2015 with the idea of ​​making a product inspired by fine men's shoes and transferring the same processes, materials, quality and comfort for women.

180º: What was the process like to resume the family business?

MM: This process was for 6 years, the time I worked in the family company, where I learned all the shoe processes, quality of materials, dealing with customers, suppliers and collaborators.

180º: What surprised you the most on this path?

MM: I continue to surprise myself every day at how valuable it is to do what you are passionate about, what inspires and motivates you, but one of the moments I enjoy most is when I meet my clients and they give me feedback on my work, when people value and appreciate the work behind each pair of shoes.

180º: How long has the brand been around?

MM: The brand is 2 years old.


180º: Where does your passion for shoes come from?

MM: My passion was born for my family from my paternal grandfather. I saw him buying materials and bringing shoes to his clients and especially my dad, who I worked with and taught me what I know about shoes and I know that I still have a lot to learn. My passion comes from my desire to appreciate and admire every shoe I see and imagine every night what new design I am going to make. My passion is renewed and continues when I see my clients' shoes.

180º: What are your main sources of inspiration?

MM: My inspiration is fine men's shoes but it goes hand in hand with timeless, different shoe designs that you can wear on any occasion and always look original and very comfortable with a feminine touch.

180º: Regarding style, what is most important to you: comfort, beauty or innovation?

MM: They are all important and each model is sought to unite each of these qualities. We achieve all this with excellent materials, workmanship and unique designs.

180º: The models that we have for sale at 180ºSHOP are quite classic. How do you choose the models for the collections? Where is the focus of the selection going?

MM: We make two new styles per month, we do not base our models on collections, but on the continuous creation of new proposals for our captive clients and new clients, based on their needs and tastes. I also base myself on color trends.

180º: Do you have a favorite shoe reference (designer/manufacturer)?

MM: There are many brands that I love but I like the work of Miista Shoes, Bally, La Mexicana, Balenciaga, Magro Cardona, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen. And Mexican brands like Dione and Marquez de León.


180º: Can you tell us a little about the manufacturing process. Who do they work with? How many people are involved in the production of a pair of shoes?

MM: There are eleven people involved in the production of a shoe. We have in our workshop a cutter, a perforator, a router, an assembler, an embellisher, the person who helps us put the shoe in and out and provide care in the León boutique, the graphic designer who also takes the photos, our model , my husband who handles the accounting and sales, and I who handles the production and design part.

180º: Does the production process depend on the shoe model?

MM: Yes, the process depends on the model, since there are models that require more work than others due to the number of pieces. The leathers, since some are easier to use, the soles and the colors determine the processes.

180º: Their shoes are made of cow and goat skin. Currently, slow fashion is booming and consumers care a lot about how and where clothes and shoes are made. The fair trade production process, eco-fashion , and sustainable fashion are very important topics.

What is the main objective of using material of animal origin?

MM: To make a good shoe of high quality, durability, comfort, the best is leather, since leather allows the foot to breathe. The quality of the leather in a shoe results in a long time of use without deterioration and molding to the person's foot.

180º: Do you always work with the same suppliers?

Yes, we work with the same suppliers, although we are not closed to new options.

180: Do you consider your brand sustainable and /or fair trade ?

We consider that we are, although we believe in continuous improvement both inside and outside the organization.

Describe your shoes in three words:
  • Timeless
  • Quality
  • Original

Monica Marquez shoes are available in the 180ºSHOP store.

Colima Street 180, Roma Norte


  • Raúl Robles Mayén

    Excelente y fino calzado Marquez de León los uso desde hace como 20 años unicamente esta marca, lo recomiendo ampliamente.
    Saludos, Orizaba, Ver.

  • Raúl Robles Mayén

    Excelente y fino calzado Marquez de León los uso desde hace como 20 años unicamente esta marca, lo recomiendo ampliamente.

  • Mary Carmen Carreón Sierra

    Buenas tardes, en su pagina vi unos botines muy bonitos y quiero de la marca Mónica Márquez, el precio era de $1,240. quiero saber si todavía los tienen ya que no aparecen.

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